uTCGP Staff

General Practice

Academic Staff

Head of Undergraduate Education - Dr Susan Law

GPPC - Dr Kevin McConville & Dr Fiona Muir

PIP - Dr Susan Law, Dr Neil Merrylees & Dr Penny Lockwood

PIP Extended Attachments - Dr Penny Lockwood

Communication Skills - Dr Ching-wa Chung & Dr Jennifer Kennedy

4th year projects & BMSc - Dr Julian Davis

Assessment - Dr Sharon Coull

Prescribing - Dr Gillian Cruickshank

Tutor Development - Dr Katy Daniels and Dr Neil Harrison

Career Development - Dr Nicola Curry, Dr Zoe McElhinney and Dr James McMillan

Undergraduate Administrative Staff


Administration Officer - Miss Kara Denny

Administrator (Finance) - Ms Denise Milne

Administrator (GP-SIP) - Mrs Karen Campbell

Administrator (PIP) - Mrs Teresa Frater

Administrator (Communication Skills, SSC) - Mrs Jayne Stewart

Administrator (BMSc) - Ms Susan Lawson