Intercalated Degree (BMSc)

Thank you for your interest in pursuing a BMSc Intercalated Year at the University of Dundee.
Here are just a few of the reasons why students choose to study a BMSc with us:
  • It will give you a break from the medical or dental curriculum.
  • It will give you the opportunity to study the topic(s) of your choice in depth.
  • It will expose you to a systematic and well-organised method of how to formulate and pursue research and transferable skills.
  • It will give you an opportunity to put these skills into practice by having an opportunity to undertake a scientific project.
  • The feedback received from students who have undertaken a BMSc has always been positive.
  • It will hopefully provide you with an Honours Degree with an appropriate class.
  • This Honours Degree will put you in a better position when you apply for employment post-graduation.
For queries regarding the application process please contact Angela Devine.
Good luck,
Dr Julian Davis & Professor Faisel Khan
BMSc Programme Leads


How to apply

Click the links below for more information on the courses available at University of Dundee, and to start the application process through UCAS.

You can also use these links to contact the course leads directly. 

Course title Course lead
Anatomy Dr Catherine Carr
Applied Orthopaedic Technology Professor Rami Abboud
Cardiovascular and Diabetes Medicine Professor Faisel Khan
Healthcare Improvement Dr Julian Davis
Forensic Medicine Professor Stewart Fleming
Genetics, Cancer and Personalised Medicine Dr Jonathan Berg and Dr Gillian Smith
Human Reproduction, Assisted Conception and Embryonic Stem Cells Professor Christopher Barratt
International Health Dr Neil Merrylees
Neuropharmacology and Behaviour Dr Ros Langston
Teaching in Medicine Dr Fiona Muir

For all applications you will require:

  • Academic reference
  • CV
  • Personal statement

If you require assistance to prepare these documents please contact the Careers Office.  They run regular drop in clinics in Ninewells Hospital, or you can make an appointment to see them on the City Campus.

If you are a University of Dundee student looking to complete a BMSc at another institution, please complete the attached application form and return it to the BMSc team.