Professor Christopher Barratt

Professor of Reproductive Medicine

Studying how a human sperm finds and interacts with an egg


Division of Molecular & Clinical Medicine
Level 5, Mailbox 12
School of Medicine, University of Dundee
Ninewells Hospital and Medical School

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+(44) 01382 383398

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Professor Barratt is Head of the Reproductive Medicine Group at the University of Dundee as well as a clinical scientist (Hon) with NHS Tayside. He graduated with an Honours degree in Zoology and then completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (University of Wales, Swansea). His PhD, also in Zoology, was under the supervision of Jack Cohen (sperm selection fame) at the University of Birmingham.

His formative post-doctoral studies and IVF experience was gained at the University of Sheffield [with Ian Cooke] where they specialized in natural cycle IVF.

From 1997-2005 he was the Scientific Director of the ART Centre at the Birmingham Women’s Hospital. 

In 2002 he was awarded Young Andrologist of the Year (American Andrology Society) for outstanding contributions to the discipline. 

He is a regularly invited speaker at national and international scientific conferences/workshops. He was a member of the WHO Male Fertility Semen Analysis Taskforce (for both the 4th and 5th editions) and is now director of the new WHO (2012-2016) Male Fertility Expert Working Group which is devising a new system for the diagnosis and treatment of the infertile male. He was a member of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority for 6 years.

Professor Barratt has very recently appointed to editorial board of WHO for development of new Semen Analysis manual (6th edition).

He has been on the Editorial Board of Human Reproduction, Human Fertility, Biology of Reproduction, Human Reproduction Update and Journal of Andrology.

In 2014 Professor Barratt presented the Professor Sir Robert Edwards keynote lecture at ESHRE. This presentation was based on the highest downloaded paper in Human Reproduction for 2013.

Currently, he is Editor-in-Chief of Molecular Human Reproduction (Impact factor 5 year 3.9).

His life’s ambition is to see - live - Wales comprehensively beat the All Blacks.




We are primarily focused on understanding the function of the human gamete (sperm and egg) and identifying the key factors in the normal process of the union of the gametes (in vivo and in vitro) and the subsequent development of human embryos.

Our research uses cutting edge technology combined with selected samples from patients with well-defined pathology. As such the research has a very strong translational focus. (

Our primary collaborators in Dundee are the IVF clinic at NHS Tayside, Abertay University's Dr Sean Brown, Professor Paul Wyatt (Drug Discovery Unit, CLS), and Paul Andrews. Our primary collaborator outside Dundee is Dr Steve Publicover in Birmingham with whom we have MRC funding.

We are funded by NHS Tayside, MRC, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. For more on the recent funding from the foundation, visit the University of Dundee's News section.


  • Inventor: Barratt C (CMDN) & Wyatt PG (CLS) ‘Stimulation of human sperm motility’. International application number: PCT/GB2012/052514. Publication number WO/2013/054111. Publication date 18th April 2013.
  • Inventor: Genosis & Barratt C ‘Method and detection kit for male infertility’ 1999. WO/99066331





Authored over 150 original articles in peer-review journals on male fertility, sperm function and assisted conception.  My latest publications are:






  • Inventor: Barratt C (CMDN) & Wyatt PG (CLS) ‘Stimulation of human sperm motility’. International application number: PCT/GB2012/052514. Publication number WO/2013/054111. Publication date 18th April 2013.
  • Inventor: Genosis & Barratt C ‘Method and detection kit for male infertility’ 1999. WO/99066331


Professor Barratt has supervised 29 MSc, PhD, MD students almost all of whom work in in the field of reproductive medicine.

His teaching consists of :

External examiner

  • Quinquennial Review MSc for ART at University of Oxford (2014).
  • MSc for Reproductive and Developmental Biology at University of Edinburgh (2009-2013).
  • United Arab Emirates Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (2012-2013).
  • 3rd year Reproductive Biology course at University of Edinburgh.
  • Endocrine and Reproduction Course (MDSC 2101) University West Indies 2014-2017.
  • University of Nottingham (2004-2006).
  • ​MSc in Embryology at the University of Leeds (2002-2004).
  • University of Bristol (2002-2005).

International Award 2014

  • Professor Sir Bob Edwards Memorial Lecture for outstanding paper published in Human Reproduction during 2013. 


PhD Supervision

University of Dundee (2007-2017)

  • Primary Supervisor: Wardah Alasmari PhD; Steven Mansell PhD; Hannah Williams PhD; Anne Rice MSc (by research); Erica Foster MSc (by research); Catherine Beaton MSc (by research); Roula Farouki MSc (by research); Clare Cochrane MSc (by research)
  • Second supervisor: Alex Biryukov MSc (by research); Louise King MSc (by research); Panos Stamatiadis MSc (by research); Halil Rouso MSc (by research); 5 yet to submit.

University of Birmingham (1997-2007)

  • Primary Supervisor: Justin St John PhD; Fleur Moseley PhD
  • Second Supervisor: Jackson Kirkman Brown PhD; Tom Connelly PhD; Emma Punt PhD; Kweko Bedu-Addo PhD; Claire Harper PhD; Sarah Costello PhD

University of Sheffield (1986-1997)

  • Primary Supervisor: Paul Harrison MSc (by research); Melanie Williams PhD; Lisa Thompson PhD; Mathew Tomlinson PhD; JJ Zhu PhD; Philip Brook PhD; Raquel Perry PhD; Neil Chapman PhD; Frosso Kessopoulou PhD; Mojgan Naemi PhD; Mayer Chauhan MD; Mathew Ladbrook PhD
  • Second Supervisor: Helen Lacey PhD; Morag Mckay PhD; Christine McCann PhD; Bruce Dunphy MD; Iona McLeod MD; Mike Pearson MD


2019 Invited Lecturer

  • ESHRE Annual Meeting, June 2019, Vienna, Austria

2018 Invited Lecturer

  • UEARS 3rd Upper Egypt Assisted Reproductive Conference, 21-23 Feb, Cairo, Egypt
  • ANOVA 13th International Symposium on Spermatology, May 9-13, Stockholm Sweden
  • ESHRE Campus Symposium ‘Evidence-based practice in the IVF laboratory’, May 17-19, Athens, Greece
  • ESHRE Annual Meeting, 1 - 4 July, Barcelona, Spain
  • SSR Annual Meeting, 10-13 July, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
  • SRF Society for Reproduction and Fertility Meeting, 25 July, Manchester

2017 Invited Lecturer

  • ESHRE Campus Workshop. 'Gametes to Blastocysts' Edinburgh, Scotland. 
  • ESHRE 'Research pitfalls in reproductive medicine', 1-2 September 2017, Capri, Italy.
  • ESHRE, Geneva, Switzerland 
  • ESHRE Campus Symposium 'The fourth dimension - the time factor in human embryology', Italy
  • American Andrology Society Miami, USA 
  • ART 2017 International Conference, Cairo, Egypt
  • 11th International Congress of Andrology, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Gordon Conference on Fertilization and Activation of Development, Boston, USA

2016 Invited Lecturer

  • TSRM Turkish Society of Reproductive Medicine - October 2016
  • Pre-ESHRE advanced course in embryology - 2 July 2016 - Helsinki, Finland
  • MSRM Annual Meeting / April 21-24, 2016 / Izmir, Turkey
  • ESHRE Italia
  • ESHRE Sweden
  • Pre Implantation Diagnosis International Society – Italy
  • Rohan International Meeting Iran
  • Biomarkers in Personalized Reproductive Medicine: Spain
  • British Fertility Society

2015 Invited Lecturer

  • Spermatology (Denmark)
  • ESHRE Pre Congress Course Lisbon
  • University of Copenhagen
  • Turkish Andrology and Urology Society
  • DFG (Germany) OFFSpring junior faculty program
  • Turkish Andrology and Urology Society
  • Belgian Society of Physiology and Pharmacology
  • Jordanian Fertility Society
  • Research Gordon Conference, USA
  • WHO, Geneva

2014 Invited Lecturer

  • 2nd Biomarker Meeting: Personalized Reproductive Medicine; Biomarkers for the Assessment of Ovarian Reserve, Gametes, Embryos, Endometrium & Pregnancy, Valencia, Spain, April 2014
  • XII Annual Meeting of the Mediterranean Society for Reproductive Medicine (MSRM) & the World Congress on Building Consensus out of Cotnroversies in Obstetrics, Gynecology & Infertility (COGI), Barcelona, Spain, April 2014
  • Professor Sir Bob Edwards Memorial Lecture. Germany
  • World Congress on Reproductive Biology, UK

2013 Invited Lecturer

  • Gordon Conference on Fertilization and Activation of Development (Bob Edwards tribute) USA
  • ESHRE London
  • ESHRE Human Embryo Development Sweden
  • Fertility 2013 UK

2012 Invited Lecturer

  • Tecnobios Procreazione Symposium [Italy]; ASRM [USA]; UK NEQAS [UK];  British Endocrine Society  [UK];  Updates in Fertility 2012 [Hungary]; Middle East Fertility Society [Dubai]; ESHRE/ASRM 1st joint meeting [Italy]; WHO [Switzerland].


Group Alumni

Examples of former students & post-doctoral scientists

  • Hannah Williams (STP Training UK)
  • Catherine Beaton (IVF Clinic, Glasgow)
  • Lars Bjorndhal (Karolinska Institute)
  • Ian Brewis (Senior Lecturer, University of Cardiff)
  • Neil Chapman (Lecturer, University of Sheffield)
  • Sarah Conner (Lecturer, University of Birmingham)
  • Erica Foster (IVF Clinic, Southampton)
  • Clare Harper (University of Manchester)
  • David Hughes (Head of Division, Biological Sciences, City University, Birmingham)
  • Jackson Kirkman Brown MBE (Reader University of Birmingham)
  • Linda Lefievre (Lecturer, University of Birmingham)
  • Steven Mansell (Medicus, Trondheim, Norway)
  • Sarah Martins da Silva (Senior Lecturer University of Dundee)
  • Allan Pacey MBE (Professor, University of Sheffield)
  • Anne Rice (IVF Clinic, Glasgow)
  • Justin St John (Professor University of Monash)
  • Steve Tardif (University Wisconsin, Madison)
  • Alan Whitmarsh (Professor, University of Manchester)
  • Wardah Alasmari (Senior Lecturer, Umm Al Qura University, Mecca, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)
  • Dr Mark Kelly (Industry)
  • Dr Wed Salah (Clinical Embryologist and Lecturer, Jeddah University)
  • Dr Albaraa Mojadadi (Clinical Embryologist and Lecturer, King Abdulaziz University)