Pre-analytical sample care

Sample Processing & Sample Handling

-extensive knowledge on the importance of handling blood samples from the choice of blood collection tubes to accurate specimen aliquoting to ensure an acceptable level of quality in these samples and to enhance the reproducibility and comparability of test results derived from these specimens.

We understand that proper sample collection and handling (Pre-analytical Phase) is an integral part of obtaining a valid and timely laboratory test result.

Sample Storage

-experience in the optimal storage of samples (4°C, -20°C, and 80°C short-term storage available). The -80°C freezers are connected to a text alert alarm system, which is monitored continuously and daily temperature logs for refrigerators and -20°C freezers. Sample management and tracking is available using 2D data-matrix (single or 96 well format) or barcode scanner and tracking details and sample ID saved onto excel spread sheet format.

Sample Logistics

-experience in transfer of biological samples from one location to another is another provision the immunoassay laboratory can provide. For example frozen samples can be sent or received (nationally or internationally) by us on your behalf or we can organise the fresh clinical samples to be posted in specialised pre- paid postal boxes to us for sample processing and assaying.