Division of Cancer Research

The Division of Cancer Research focuses on biological, translational and clinical cancer research. Our aim is to understand the biological and behavioural mechanisms underlying cancer and to translate this research into the clinic to improve the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease.

We are a key element of the Dundee Cancer Centre, which co-ordinates cancer research, health promotion and public engagement in Tayside.

Research Themes

  • Imaging and technology are crucial to much of today's biomedical research and medical practice.  Imaging & Technology brings together invention, innovation and application of technologies relevant to a diverse range of body systems and disease processes.

  • Our clinical and translational research is primarily in the areas of breast and skin cancers, with additional strengths in colorectal cancer, gynaecological cancer and leukaemia. We aim to understand how the interaction between genetics and the environment controls the development of cancer.

  • We study the molecular and cellular basis of cancer in order to understand how cancer develops and to improve diagnosis and treatment.

  • Our research in cancer prevention and screening aims to understand the environmental and behavioural factors that influence cancer and to improve early detection and diagnosis.

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