Light Microscopy Facility

Welcome to the Light Microscopy Facility at CMDN (LMF@CMDN)

Established in 2013 we exist to provide dedicated support to research staff and students within the College who need light microscopy. We are a sister facility of LMF at the College of Life Science and form part of the Centre for Advanced Scientific Technologies (CAST) .

The LMF@CMDN hosts 8 advanced light microscope systems, a Zeiss LSM710 with FLIM detection and the UK’s first installation of an In Tune laser; two Leica SP5s, two DeltaVision widefield deconvolution microscopes, a Zeiss Axiovert 200M live imaging system, an inverted and upright fixed cell microscope. The facility consists of two microscope suites within the MRI with 4 systems located in the main lab block on level 5 and the remaining 4 systems on level 5 of the JWCC. 

 Our range of microscopy equipment provides solutions for live and fixed cell imaging and covers a range of specific techniques. Equipment in CLS can also be accessed when required.  Each system has  various advantages and disadvantages depending on the specific biological application and sample. The facility can therefore support a wide range of applications from Tissue Imaging by Confocal  Microscopy, Protein-Protein interactions by TCSPC FLIM, high resolution imaging of cellular morphology and sub-cellular structure, multiwavelength and multidimensional imaging of small embryos and  long time lapse imaging in XY and Z with multiple fluorophores or fluorescent proteins.  



  You can find an equipment capability guide here



Above image - Mouse brain hypothalamus (coronal section) showing astrocytes (green), BACE1 expressing neurones (red) and DAPI (blue).

(Image courtesy of Dr Susan Jalicy).

Firstly, please contact Alison ( to discuss your requirements and request training for the appropriate microscope. Bookings are run from the CAST website using Bumblebee. To access the online booking you must first request a LSD account

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