GPPC - Years 1-3, Systems in Practice



This course provides the student with opportunities and experiences, which enhance their attitudes towards, and develop knowledge and skills of General Practice and Primary Care Medicine. The course is delivered by GPs and allows student to discuss primary care experiences in a small group setting with their peers.

Areas addressed include:-

  • Managing first contact with patients (in primary care) which includes addressing people’s problems, looking at a range of health conditions, co-ordinating care with other primary care professionals or specialists, acting as an advocate, providing appropriate care to patients in the practice and making effective use of the health service
  • Person centred care which involves being able to establish an effective doctor–patient relationship; adopting a person-centred approach in dealing with patients and their problems, both in the context of patient’s circumstances.
  • Understanding the role of the community in health.
  • The use of a rigorous and scientific approach which includes appraising evidence to benefit patients and improve the delivery of health care, effective history taking, the ability to tolerate uncertainty
  • Professionalism, which includes the knowledge of ethical and legal principles, reflecting, learning and teaching others, learning within a multi-professional team and protecting patients.

The five areas have been adapted from Royal College of General Practitioners RCGP 2009 and are in line with Tomorrow’s Doctors 2009.