GPPC - Years 4-5, Preparation for Practice


During years 4 and 5, medical students have the opportunity of being attached for 4 weeks (each year) to a GP Practice.  Some students have the opportunity to compete for longer placements in final year based on their availability.

One of these placements will be in Dundee or Perth, the other will be further afield and, as the map shows, we have placements all over Scotland!  Image iconGPPC 4-5 map.jpg

We aim to offer two contrasting experiences so that students will experience the effect of context of health care delivery influences practice.  All students will spend 4 weeks in an urban setting and 4 in a fairly rural setting.

Image iconGPPC 4-5 rural.jpg

As many medical students will go on to be GPs (about 50% of Dundee graduates), these intensive GP Placements will allow students to see how the specialty continues to develop.  More and more chronic disease is being managed in the community so this is an opportunity to see how the primary care team functions when looking after very complex patients.  Even if students choose a career in secondary care, the primary care experience allows insight into the complexity of patient care in the community.

From an educational perspective, this is one placement where students have the undivided attention of their GP Tutor.  Over each placement the student and tutor get to know each other well and relationships formed in these blocks often last a long time.  We have just recruited a new tutor who has become a partner in the practice he was attached to as a student!

From a quality perspective we offer a comprehensive professional development programme to all our 200 tutors.  We visit practices every three years and keep informing tutors of their student evaluation.  Where tutors have received negative feedback this is reviewed and reflected upon. 

The GPPC – Preparation for Practice is a work in progress and we value constructive feedback.