Visions of Discovery - Images of biology and medicine

Stunning images generated through biomedical research at the University of Dundee - from a CT scan of a Peruvian mummy to dividing cancer cells.  This year's exhibition was held in the University's Dalhousie Building and was open to the public from 6th December until January 2014, providing an appealing and thought-provoking means to present the University's biomedical research efforts to a wider audience.  The exhibition is the culmination of a competition open to staff and students in the College of Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing and the College of Life Sciences at the University.

Entrants submitted images relating to their research, resulting in a dazzling display covering diverse aspects of molecular and cellular bioscience through to novel clinical applications.  The featured topics range from dividing cancer cells to bacterial films, from scans of the human circulatory system to microscopic details of the gut, and from skin structure to bubble jetting as a means to punch holes in cells.

The competition and exhibition have been organised by Dr Jenny Woof, Reader in Immunology in the Division of Cancer Research in the College of Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing at Dundee.

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