Transferring to Dundee from St Andrews

University of Dundee Medical School
The University of Dundee Medical School and Ninewells Teaching Hospital are fully integrated, offering an up-to-date and well-equipped clinical training facility very close to St Andrews. Our students also gain valuable experience on attachments to hospitals and general practices in the wider Tayside region as well as other centres around Scotland and the rest of the UK.
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Joining the Dundee MB ChB Course - Year 3
As a St Andrews transfer student, you will join the Dundee 3rd year cohort and, like in other clinical centres, graduate after a further 3 years training. 
Although you’ll probably be familiar with the city and the surrounding Tayside region, we recognise that moving to another institution can be challenging. But rest assured - you can expect as much support as necessary from Dundee Medical School to make the transition as easy as possible.
The support includes:
Before starting at Dundee: if you are a 3rd year St Andrews student and selected to come to Dundee, you will be given access to the Dundee Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) so that you  can read up on any relevant curriculum elements that might be new to you prior to arriving.
Induction week – this is the week before your formal start of term and will cover administrative aspects but also some communication and clinical skills and an opportunity to meet with students on the course. It is intended to be interactive and enjoyable and offers you the chance to settle in and find your way around
At Dundee, much of the teaching is done in small groups. There are about 20 groups of 8-10 students in each year – and each group has a ‘buddy’ to help you settle in. 
In January you can benefit from  a 2-4 week student selected component (SSC) to help fill in any gaps in skills/knowledge that you may have identified during your first term.
Support tutor for the whole St Andrews group
Academic mentor who is aware of the challenges that transfer students like you might face
For high fliers who feel that our 3rd year is a bit repetitive, then we could discuss - on an individual basis -focusing on a more advanced area: e.g. a research project as part of the SSC.
Please note: The rankings for the UK Foundation programme will be based solely on the grades students obtain after joining Dundee and not on their St Andrews degree classification.
The Dundee MB ChB Curriculum
The undergraduate curriculum in Dundee has a great reputation and for good reason. Please check out the following to learn more about what Dundee offers.