Studying Populations & Epilex

Studying Populations is a computer assisted learning package for epidemiological methods. It is suitable for anyone working in health sciences including medical students, Masters students, public health practitioners and clinicians. It covers many basic epidemiological concepts in a set of over 80 interactive exercises and simulations.

The package includes a glossary based on definitions in the IEA sponsored 6th edition (2014) of the Dictionary of Epidemiology.

Update (June 2017)

SP 4.0 has been programmed so that its popup windows work under Windows 10 (and probably earlier versions of Windows but not tested). Unlike for installation under Windows Vista, 7 and 8, there is no requirement to install extra software to display the popup windows. Minor corrections have also been made to text layout and some references have been brought up to date. We recommend you download and read the instructions for installation of this version before installing SP 4.0 on your computer.

A Toolkit is available for modifying the package to make it more relevant for students outside the UK. It comes with full instructions in its help file. This revised toolkit only works with Studying Populations version 4.

Update (September 2017)

spain flag

An updated version 4.0.0 in Spanish is now available. Changes since version 3.0.9 are recoding to allow popups to work with Windows 10 and corrections to typographical errors.


Epilex is a Multilingual Lexicon of Epidemiological Terms. You may pair any two languages in the alphabetic order of either one. You may print the pairings most useful to you, thus allowing the building of personalized lexicons.

What's new in version 4.0?
  1. Coded to run optimally with Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10 32- and 64-bit versions
  2. Very small installation file and faster installation
  3. Previous versions have had a fixed window size. Version 4 has the option of the classic look or a resizable window
  4. Option to keep the Epilex window on top of other windows to make copying and pasting into your text quicker and easier
  5. Changes you make to the Epilex environment are automatically saved when the program is closed
  6. Editing module removed
  7. If you wish to contribute translations in a language not already included, get in touch with me

These programs are free for use by individuals and institutions. From time to time they may be brought up to date if there is a request to do so.