Student Support

Welcome to the University of Dundee’s School of Medicine Student Support Scheme. We hope that you will have a thoroughly enjoyable and productive study time in the Medical School. We expect that the majority of students progress through medical school without any problems. However, we are aware that some of you may need a little more support to make the journey that bit easier. The information in this site will guide you through support avenues available to you as a medical student at the University of Dundee.
The medical school student support service is available to answer all potential queries you may have. Stuart Manson, Student Support Administrator will be pleased to deal with your queries and can refer you to the appropriate support service to deal with any issues or problems you may encounter.  Please contact Stuart by email on or on 01382 383959.

If you have an urgent matter out-with working hours there are other support services available:-

Disability services have introduced a mental health resource that provides information about services and help that is available to staff and students. The resource can be found here.


LGBT Resources

Dundee LGBT youth information page - source of local information and support

Stonewall Scotland - information and support on a range of areas from education to housing issues as well as educational resources

Scottish Transgender Alliance - working to improve gender identity and gender reassignment equality, rights and inclusion

Equality Network - Scotland's national LGBTI equality and human rights charity


Money matters

Money for Medstudents - a useful resource to help you find sources of funding and to help you budget during your studies

Student funding can provide support and advice on financial matters

If you are experiencing a financial crisis the medical school and student funding have hardship funds you can access. For information please contact Dr David Russell in the medical school. 


The Dow Trust

The Dow Trust provide support to the medical school for both large scale projects as well as providing financial support to students in a variety of ways. As well as Dow Scholarships (applied for during the application process), they also provide financial support for electives as well as emergency funding. Further details about the Dow Trust can be found in the handbook under related files.



Student Academic Mentor - Dr Robert Jarvis

I’m Rob Jarvis, the lead mentor for the medical school.  I’m a GP by background and have been teaching here in Dundee for the last ten years or so.  Hopefully I’m seen as a ‘friendly face’ in the medical school.  I’m especially keen to help students who have some barrier to their education;  these barriers can be in many different forms: social, family, academic, disability, language, cultural, health or other.

Often I act as a signpost for students to direct them to the appropriate people who can help.  Sometimes I can help them directly myself.  I provide a confidential service, which means that discussions with me are not noted on your medical school record unless you expressly consent to this or unless very rarely where there is an over-riding safety issue.

As Academic Mentor I am fortunate to be in close contact with those running the medical school, and I passionately advocate for the students within this arena. I may teach you, or give you feedback on some piece of work, I may even help to set the formal assessments, but I no longer act as an examiner so that you can be sure that discussions with me will not prejudice your progression within the school.


Student Support Administrator - Stuart Manson

I provide the administrative support to the Medical School’s Student Support Scheme. Before joining the medical school I was a student funding advisor at Fife College.  I can either assist you directly or direct you to a person or service which can help. Please come and see me at the Medical School Office on Level 7, or phone me on [01382] 383959 or email me at