Student Societies and Representation

The Medical Students Council (MSC)

The Dundee Medical Students Council (MSC) is a student body which acts as the main interface between students and the medical school.


  • to lead the student body in participation with the necessary course developments and design, initiatives and discussion;
  • to act as the frontline for feedback mechanisms between students and staff - positive and negative;
  • to hold regular meetings with the Teaching Dean to discuss issues;
  • to arrange student events (careers night, electives evening, symposium);
  • to arrange and nominate student representatives for all other committees and events;
  • to act as ambassadors and guides at Admission events in provision of the perspective of the Dundee School of Medicine Student



Dundee University Medical Society


DUMS has the largest student membership of any society in the university and is involved in organising a wide variety of activities to provide various social outlets for medical students. For a brief summary of what we do:

  • Freshers events: We compile welcome packs which are sent to each new intake of 1st year students; we organise the Medical Freshers Fayre in Ninewells and the subsequent Shotomania pub crawl event; we also provide discounted books and stethoscopes to new 1st year students
  • Medic families: We allocate each new 1st year student to a "medic family" including one other fresher and two senior students. The new "family" meet up on 3 occasions during the academic calendar, allowing junior students to socialise with and get to know medics in their own and other years
  • Balls: We hold 3 balls during the academic calendar; the Freshers Ball in September, the Christmas Ball at Ninewells in December and the DUMS Annual Ball in March. These are always a great night with a meal and a live ceilidh band followed by an after-party at our sponsor club.
  • Sports: There are a number of sports teams affiliated to DUMS including guys and girls football, netball, rugby, frisbee, hockey and basketball. We also organise events between medical schools including the national SNIMS event, a competitive but fun weekend hosted by a different University each year.
  • Charity: We hold our annual comedy event 'Revue' over 3 nights in December at Ninewells, with all funds going to local charities; in the past we have also held a talent show event involving some of our lecturers to raise money for Children in Need, which is set to make a comeback in the coming year.
  • Music: We organise an annual Battle of the Bands event which is always well attended by medics and non-medics alike, also set to make a comeback.
  • Social: We organise a number of other events to encourage people to socialise, have a good time or just escape from the library, such as our Pub Golf event in St Andrews in May


Christian Medical Fellowship

CMF-Dundee is the regional branch of the Christian Medical Fellowship based in London. CMF was formed in 1949 and currently has over 4500 doctor and over 1000 medical student members.

Our four core values are Discipleship, Mission, Evangelism and Proclamation (CMF, 2004).

We work towards these goals locally by meeting several times a week to pray, running teaching sessions on pertinent issues delivered by Christian doctors, social events and large scale events such as the debate in October 2008 on Physician Assisted Suicide.

So our hope for CMF-Dundee is to build a strong family of Christian medics that we can have a positive influence within Ninewells Hospital and Medical School. Our activities and events are open to anyone, whether Christian or not.

God bless,

David W. Jack

CMF-Dundee student rep


DECCS (Dundee Emergency & Critical Care Society)

The society was created in late 2008 to provide its members with more focussed teaching and information about the specialities included in the Acute Common Care Stem; Acute Medicine, Anaesthetics, Emergency medicine and Intensive Care Medicine.

The society runs event evenings with lectures/discussions and practical sessions going out with the core curriculum of the medical school and providing an opportunity for the specialties to expand upon their area.

Dundee University Psychiatry Society

Dundee University Psychiatry Society has been running since 2008: something that started out as a brainstorm between a few students has enjoyed unprecedented support, and we have members from all years of the medical school.

We aim to run interactive and informative events on Psychiatry-related topics that are of particular interest to students, to provide advice and guidance to students who are considering Psychiatry as a career and to link interested students with enthusiastic mentors. In addition, we also attempt to raise awareness and increase understanding of Psychiatric issues within the medical school as a whole.

All our sessions are open to medical students from 1st to 5th year. As the Society wishes to be as widely accessible as possible, there is no membership fee to join the society. However, those students who are on our mailing list are given priority for places. To request to be added to the mailing list, please contact us at

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