Student Homepage

During your time at Dundee University Medical School you may have worries about your studies, financial concerns, problems with relationships or the difficulties of living away family and friends. Most students face concerns of these sorts at some time in their student careers. This website covers a range of subjects including information on Mental Health, Duties of a Doctor, Ethics, Interactive Flowcharts and general queries. Student Support is designed to help with some of these problems and worries, and show you where help is available and points of contact. Use the links on the right of the page to navigate the site.

The Student Support team is based in a variety of locations across Ninewells but is mainly made up of Administration in MSUO, the Academic Lead, Mr Sami Shimi and the newly formed Core Support Team headed by Dr Rob Jarvis. 

Student as a tutee

From the student perspective, the main objectives of meeting with the support services include the following:

  • To reflect on their academic performance and discuss issues which enhance or interfere with this
  • To reflect on how their learning and learning methods contribute to their longer term aspirations.
  • To identify gaps in their learning and methods to overcome any deficiencies.
  • To reflect on their ‘university life’ in general and its effect on their academic performance.
  • To engage as a member of a community of learners

Contact address

With a large number of students in each year of the medical course it is important that the School has a mechanism for monitoring and supporting those students who are in particular need or who are believed to be at high risk with subsequent impact on academic progress. The Medical School operates a ‘Support and Progress’ system which liaises with the Medical Student Support Services. The Medical School Office needs to have the ability to contact students throughout the course. Students are reminded of registering their address of residence with the Medical School Office at the earliest opportunity. Students are also reminded to notify the medical school office soon after change of address.