Dr Paul Meakin

Dr. Paul J Meakin

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Dr. Anil Mehta

Clinical Reader

Dr. Daniel Melling

Post-doctoral Research Scientist

Dr. Ambrose J Melson

Research Fellow

Professor Andreas A Melzer

Director of IMSaT

Dr. Weihua Meng

Lecturer in Genetic Epidemiology

Dr. Neil Merrylees

Clinical Teacher

Dr. Senay Mihcin

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Mr. Keith R Milburn

Application Development Manager

Dr. Sarah E E Mills

Academic Fellow in General Practice

Professor Gary J Mires

Dean of Medicine

Mr. Scott J Mitchell

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Dr. Mandy AD Moffat

Lecturer in Postgraduate Medical Education

Mr. Mohapradeep Mohan

Research Fellow/Study Manager

Dr. Olivia F Monteiro

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Dr. Daniel R Morales

Discovery Fellow

Dr. Renaud Morin

Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr. Nicola Morrice

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Dr. Kenny Morrison

Software Engineer

Mrs. Gail Morrison

Division Administrative Assistant

Dr. Fiona E Muir

Senior Lecturer RGN, RSCN, BA, FHEA, MEd, EdD

Professor Alastair J Munro

Professor of Radiation Oncology