Mr James Flood

Mr. James Flood

Clinical Trials Manager

Dr. John Foerster

Clinical Senior Lecturer

Dr. Ian M Forgie

IMI DIRECT Programme Manager

Professor Callum George Fraser

Senior Research Fellow

Mrs. Roberta L Fulton

Research Fellow/Graduate Student

Kathleen Galbraith

Skills Administrator –Senior Years/ PG, Courses Administrator – Optometry

Mrs. Jennifer R Gallagher

Research Assistant

Mr. Jim Galloway

Technical Customer Relationship Manager

Dr. Steven A. Gellatly

Medical Demonstrator

Dr Priya George

Dr. Priya S George

Clinical Lecturer (SCREDS)/Hon Specialty Registrar in Diabetes and Endocrinology

Dr. Jacob George

R&D Director, NHS Tayside

Mr. Mikhail Ghattas

HIC Services Data Analyst

Dr. Sheila Gibbs

Consultant Clinical Scientist

Dr. Catharine A Goddard

Manager, UK Health Informatics Research Network

Dr. Valerie Godfrey

TASC Quality Assurance Manager

Dr. William C Goodall

Lecturer (Teaching & Scholarship) and Programme Director: MSc Psychological Therapy in Primary Care

Dr Lisi Gordon

Post-Doc Research Fellow (SMERC) / Part Time Tutor

Dr. Barclay M Goudie

Senior Clinical Teacher, Honorary Senior Lecturer

Dr. Suzanne M Grant

Lecturer in Medical Anthropology

Professor Stephen A Greene

Professor in Child & Adolescent Health

Mrs. Audrey Gregory

Senior Clinical Skills Tutor

Dr. Kerr Grieve

Clinical Research Fellow