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Understanding the role of endothelial dysfunction and arterial stiffness in cardiovascular disease


Vascular & Inflammatory Diseases Research Unit
Division of Molecular & Clinical Medicine
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School of Medicine
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I joined the Vascular Diseases Research Unit in 1993, having completed postdoctoral training in Boston, USA. Currently, I am Head of the Vascular Physiology Group and Deputy Head of the Vascular and Inflammatory Diseases Research Unit. I currently serve on 4 national and international committees, including the Royal Society of Medicine’s Council of Vascular Medicine and as a National Delegate for United Kingdom in the Administrative Board of the International Union of Angiology. I have been a long serving member of the Scottish Society for Experimental Medicine Committee (since 2000) and have hosted 4 successful national meetings. As a committee member of the British Microcirculation Society, I hosted the successful 2006 Annual meeting in Dundee, the first meeting in Scotland for the Society in over 20 years. I currently serve on the Editorial Board for Microcirculation and International Angiology (Regional Editor) and am a regular reviewer of manuscripts and grant applications in my area of expertise. I have been the principal or co-applicant on successful grant applications totalling over £7.57million and have published a total of 85 peer reviewed full papers.

At the University level, I currently serve on 10 committees. I have taken on the lead role of Coordinator for the Medical Education Institute postgraduate research degrees and also serve on the Medical Education Institute Executive Board. I have been on the University Examining Committee as Internal Examiner or Convenor for 27 postgraduate degrees (12 PhD, 12 MD, 3 MSc). Other memberships include:

College of Life Sciences Learning & Teaching School Board.

Medical Education Institute Postgraduate Taught and Research Group.

Member of Cross College (CLS & CMDN) Biomedical Sciences Working Group.


Cardiovascular disease begins early in life, well before development of clinical symptoms. Endothelial dysfunction and arterial stiffness are central to early development of cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis. Preventive measures are of key importanceand we need to understand the fundamental underlying mechanisms mediating these disorders. It is therefore becoming clear that a range of biomarkers, measuring different vascular beds and different aspects of vascular function, are required to gain a better understanding of development and progression of cardiovascular disease. To this end, previously developed techniques for assessing the microcirculation in the Vascular and Inflammatory Diseases Research Unit have been complemented by the development of further tests for measurement of endothelial function and arterial compliance. Using a combination of biomarkers provide a global assessment of vascular function and helps to increase our understanding of the development and progression of large and small blood vessel disease, and for determining cardiovascular risk and outcome. These tests are being applied within Vascular and Inflammatory Diseases Research Unit to a programme of research that investigates the possible factors involved in early endothelial dysfunction and its modification in normal children and adults, and in asymptomatic disease, as well as in established vascular disease states.

The current and future 5 year programme of research is exploring early contributory factors to development of cardiovascular disease. This research programme takes a multi-disciplinary approach to understanding the pathophysiology of cardiovascular diseases and to the development of biomarkers and their utility in disease stratification.


Selected publications since 2008

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  • Lead for School of Medicine and Member of Cross College (CLS & CMDN) initiative on physiology teaching.
  • Lead for Medical Education Institute postgraduate research degrees.
  • Lead for 4th BSc/BMSc (Honours) Cardiovascular Pharmacology.
  • Module Lead for Phase 2 SSC.
  • MSc in Biomechanics, University of Edinburgh.
  • External Examiner - BSc (Honours) Podiatry, Queen Margaret University.
  • External Examiner - MSc Cardiovascular Sciences, University of Glasgow.

PhD Supervision

Golan Kabir, 'Vitamin D and cardiovascular disease risk in UK South Asians', 2013.

Fiona Adams, 'Methodological advances in non-invasive tests of endothelial function', 2013.

Wen Ling, 'Determining whether plasma levels of KATP channels are related to vascular function'. 2013.

Naveed Akbar, 'Protein Phosphorylation and Cardiovascular Disease: A strong connection?', 2013.


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