Professor Brian J Lipworth

Professor (Clinical)

Airway allergy and COPD


Asthma & Allergy Research Group
Division of Molecular & Clinical Medicine
Mailbox 2
School of Medicine
Ninewells Hospital & Medical School

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+(44) 01382 632983

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Initial BMedSCi at St Andrews, followed by MBChB with honours and MD at Manchester University, from 1986 registrar and senior registrar posts in Respiratory Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology in Dundee, followed by senior lecturer and professorial appointments.  

Awarded two prizes for research from the British Pharmacological Society, International Fellow of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology 2003 for contributions to airway allergy research, and International Visiting Professorship to Harvard Medical School in 2008.


Current research interests are beta-adrenoceptor regulation and associated pharmacogenetics in asthma and COPD, airway inflammation in asthma, therapeutics of allergic rhinosinusitis.

Current H index = 64. Member of MRC peer review college and NIHR college of Experts.



Phase 2 respiratory system co-ordinator.

PhD Supervision

Dr A Manoharan (Ongoing, University of Dundee)

Dr P Williamson (Ongoing, University of Dundee)

Dr P Short (Submitted 2013, exam pending, University of Dundee): Evaluation of beta-blockers for the treatment of asthma and COPD.

Mr S Vaidyanathan (Submitted 2013, exam pending, University of Dundee): Optimising therapeutic strategies of allergic rhinosinusitis.

Dr A Nair (2011, University of Dundee): Pharmacotherapy of asthma: Effect of spacer devices on lung dose bioavailability of inhaled fluticasone.

Mr M Barnes (2008, University of Dundee): Therapeutic Interventions and their Assessment in Allergic Rhinitis

Dr D Menzies (2008, University of Dundee): Novel anti-inflammatory strategies in the treatment of asthma.

Dr K Haggart (2006, University of Dundee, MSc): Effects of pharmacotherapy on asthma and allergic rhinitis.

Dr D Lee (2004, University of Dundee): Pharmacological modulation of allergic airways disease.

Dr C Jackson (2004, University of Dundee): Airway Hyperresponsiveness and allergic airways disease.

Dr G Currie (2003, University of Dundee): Effects of pharmacotherapy on bronchial hyperresponsiveness and surrogate inflammatory markers in asthmatic patients.

Dr I Aziz (2002, University of Dundee): Studies to investigate the facilitatory effects of corticosteroids on b2-adrenoceptor desensitization induced by long-acting b2-agonists.

Dr O Dempsey (2002, University of Aberdeen): An evaluation of the role of leukotriene receptor antagonist therapy in asthma.

Dr S Fowler (2002, University of Manchester): Clinical application of bronchial challenge: its relation to markers of asthma severity and dose response during treatment with inhaled corticosteroids.

Dr R I Cargill (2000, University of Dundee): The role of vasoactive peptides in modulation of the human pulmonary vascular bed.

Dr D Kiely (2000, University of Edinburgh): Cardiopulmonary interactions of hypoxia and hypercapnia and the role of vasoactive mediators in the pulmonary circulation in man.

Dr A Wilson (2000, University of Edinburgh): Anti-inflammatory therapy in allergic airways disease.

Dr K S Tan (1999, University of Glasgow): Regulation of b2-adrenoceptors by steroid hormones in asthma.

Dr A Grove (1998, University of Cambridge): Modulation of b2-adrenoceptor mediated responses.

Dr D M Newham (1995, University of Aberdeen): Airways and systemic responses to b2-agonists in man.

Dr N M Wheeldon (1993, University of Manchester): Studies on the b2-adrenoceptor subtypes responsible for mediating cardiovascular and metabolic responses in man.


  • Western Society Of Allergy, Asthma and Immuonology, Lanai, Hawaii (2010): Invited international plenary speaker Beta-agonists and their antagonists in asthma treatment.
  • Think the Impossible: Beta-blockers for the treatment of asthma. The Sylvia and Thomas Bodamer Lecture in Allergy and Immunology. Scripps Clinic, Carmel Valley, California (2010)
  • Los Angeles Allergy Society. Plenary lecture - Treating inflammation in the large and small airways (2010)
  • John Hopkins Asthma & Allergy Centre, Baltimore. Grand Rounds - Strategies for improving anti-inflammatory therapy in asthma (2011)
  • University of Florida, Gainesville, USA – Combined pediatric/adult pulmonary division seminar series.  Importance of the small airways in asthma (2013)
  • American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology, San Diego CA –The case for fine particle inhaled corticosteroids at Step 3 in asthma guidelines (2014)