Mr. Adem Y Dawed

Postgraduate Student

Mr Adem Yesuf Dawed


Division of Molecular & Clinical Medicine
School of Medicine, University of Dundee
Level 5, Mailbox 12
Ninewells Hospital and Medical School

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+(44) 01382 383454

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Adem Y. Dawed (MPH, MSc) is a PhD student at the Cardiovascular and Diabetes Medicine. Currently he is working on his PhD project entitled “Genetic and non-genetic determinants of drug response in diabetes”, under the supervision of Professor Ewan Pearson and Dr Kaixin Zhou.

Adem has completed his BSc in Pharmacy in 2007and Master’s Degree in Pharmacognosy in 2011 at the University of Addis Ababa (Ethiopia). He worked in different positions ranging from graduate assistant to lecturer at School of Pharmacy, Addis Ababa University from 2007-2012. Adem has also completed Masters in Public Health at Lund University (Sweden) in 2014. 

Adem has been working as a research assistant with the Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology unit at Lund University under Prof. Paul Franks during his master’s study. He spend some time working on evidence based prioritization of candidate genes interacting with the antidiabetic drug metformin. Adem’s research interest include Pharmacogenomics of oral hypoglycaemic agents, Gene-drug interactions in metabolic diseases, phenotypic determinants of drug response and stratified medicine.