Miss Katherine M Berlouis

Research Assistant in Chronic Pain


Mackenzie Building
Kirsty Semple Way

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+(44) 01382 383978

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Katherine is a research assistant with the Chronic Pain Research Group and was appointed to her current post in September 2016. Prior to this, she graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 2014 with a MA (Hons) in Psychology and in 2016 completed an MSc in Clinical Health Psychology at the University of Strathclyde.

Katherine is currently working with Dr Paul Cameron, Professor Lesley Colvin and Professor Blair Smith to establish appropriate methods for collecting data in NHS Pain Services across Scotland. She aims to utilise these findings in the context of wider knowledge of the field. She is working to propose recommendations for a national approach to Pain Service data collection, and the subsequent development of Quality Performance Indicators. She is also involved in the development of an evidence based guideline on the management of chronic pain in children.


Chronic pain is recognised by Scottish Government and NHS Scotland as a clinical priority area, and there has been substantial investment in service improvement. There is currently a wide range of breadth and depth of data being collected to evaluate this, and no routine reporting.

Katherine currently assesses the process, utility and challenges associated with data collection currently occurring routinely in Pain Services in NHS Fife (led by Dr Paul Cameron), NHS Lothian (led by Professor Lesley Colvin) and NHS Tayside (led by Professor Blair Smith). With the results, the team aims to make recommendations for a unified approach in specialist Pain Services across Scotland, and extrapolating to Primary Care and other related services.

This project is led by the Scottish National Chronic Pain Improvement Group (NCPIG), Research Subgroup.