Miss Ashley A Dennis

Postdoctoral Research Fellow


University of Dundee
The Mackenzie Building
Kirsty Semple Way
Dundee, DD2 4BF

Phone Number:

+(44) 01382 383768

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I am a psychologist by background having completed my PhD at the University Of St Andrews.  While finishing my PhD (2008-2012), I also worked as a research assistant in the School of Medicine on a project, which assessed a workshop addressing communication anxiety for medical students.  I have recently joined the Health Informatics Centre working on medical education research and data management for the Scottish Medical Education Research Consortium (SMERC). 


I am interested in various areas of research.  I am currently exploring issues that relate to the workforce and how to enhance workplace learning throughout the course of medical education.   With my background in psychology examining social problem solving and mental health, I am particularly interested in topics such as how does one foster resiliency in individuals as they transition through their medical education.  


Dennis, A., Astell, A., & Dritschel, B.  (In press).  The effects of imagery on problem-solving ability and autobiographical memory.  Journal of Behavior Therapy & Experimental Psychiatry. 


Dennis, A., Neville, F., Laidlaw, A., Warren, R., & Ozakinci, G.  (In press).  Anxiety about anxiety in medical undergraduates.  Clinical Teacher.


Dennis, A., & Dritschel, B.  (2011). The relationship between social problem solving ability and characteristics of automatic memories retrieved whilst problem-solving as a function of mood.  Presented at the International Conference on Memory 2011, York, UK.


Dennis, A., & Dritschel, B.  (2011).  Spontaneous autobiographical memory retrieval during social problem solving across the mood spectrum.  Presented at the Society for Applied Research in Memory and Cognition Conference 2011, New York, USA.


Dennis, A., & Dritschel, B, Astell, A. (2009). The effects of imagery on autobiographical memory retrieval during social problem-solving.  Presented at the Autobiographical Memory Meeting 2009, Freie University, Berlin.