Dr. Vishnu B Madhok

Clinical Lecturer In General Practice


Population Health Sciences
Quality, Safety & Informatics Group
Tayside Centre for General Practice,
University of Dundee,
Mackenzie Building,
Dundee DD2 4BF

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+(44) 01382 420000

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Having been originally exposed to academic primary care in Tayside as an undergraduate, I have continued my interest in this area in the post of SCREDS Clinical Lecturer in General Practice.  This post is enabling me to complete my clinical training in General Practice, whilst also develop further skills and gain experience in primary care research. 


Entry to GP training has given me the opportunity to combine three aspects of medicine that enthuse and challenge me the most; firstly practicing clinical medicine, secondly integrating this with holistic aspects of patient care with thirdly having the flexibility to be involved in life long learning with research opportunities in primary care.


The accuracy of symptoms, signs and diagnostic tests in the diagnosis of left ventricular dysfunction in primary care: a diagnostic accuracy systematic review” - This project began during my penultimate year of medical school as my Fourth Year Project. After developing a research interest within academic general practice, I continued the project during my Foundation training when it was published in BMC Family Practice.  The findings from this project were integrated into the NHS Evidence 2009 Annual Update. In addition this original research paper is highlighted as being “highly accessed” on the BMC Family Practice online journal website.


Genetics of Childhood Eczema in Primary Care (GenCep)

As part of a team from primary care, genetics, dermatology and paediatrics, we have received funding from the Chief Scientist Office to conduct a pilot study by identifying, recruiting and involving 200 children with eczema from general practice in Tayside with a view to investigating the feasibility of creating a unique research resource to further investigate the Genetics of Childhood Eczema in Primary Care.


This well characterised cohort of study subjects is likely to form the basis of future grant applications for more detailed study such as the role of Filaggrin mutations as a strong genetic risk factor for childhood atopic eczema and the relationship between Filaggrin and diagnostic criteria, severity and response to treatment of childhood eczema.  Although the feasibility of recruitment of children to studies on eczema has been demonstrated, none have reported the development of a cohort linking phenotypic and genotypic data, giving us a significant opportunity to develop a unique resource.


Researchers at the University of Dundee are already translating the recent genetic advances of the McLean Laboratory into patients attending hospital clinics and we now wish to extend that work to the earlier stages and more heterogeneous population treated in primary care.


Trial Torrent is a new software system following on from the Scottish Acute Recruitment Management Application (SARMA) system, whose development and initial implementation was supported by CSO. Smart software is linked to data within the general practice electronic medical record (EMR) systems and is designed to support recruitment to multi-centre trials by screening patients against trial inclusion criteria and alerting practice staff if the patient is thought to be eligible.


We are due to start this study in February 2012 to optimise and evaluate this automated recruitment tool to support a national multi-centre trial in the United Kingdom (CREAM) which begins in the third quarter of this year. 


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During my GPST1 year I was involved in regular undergraduate teaching in the Clinical Skills Centre. 


I am currently involved in designing and running a four week Student Selected Component in Population Health Research for second and third year medical students, whilst also contributing to other SSC’s in the department.


In addition I am an Educational Fellow for the KSeHIN project. (a PG Cert/Dip/MSc in Diabetes Care and Education programme for healthcare professionals working in Kuwait awarded by the University of Dundee partnership with the Dasman Diabetes Institute.)


Society for Academic Primary Care Annual Scientific Meeting (SAPC) July 2007, London.


  • Systematic Review and Meta Analysis of the diagnosis of suspected Heart Failure in Primary Care



North American Primary Care Research Group (NAPCRG) November 2010, Seattle, USA.


  • An updated diagnostic accuracy systematic review on the accuracy of symptoms, signs and diagnostic tests in the diagnosis of left ventricular dysfunction in primary care.



University Departments of General Practice in Scotland Annual Meeting (NADEGS) January 2010, Dundee.


A pilot investigation into the feasibility of developing a record linked database to study the genetics of childhood eczema in primary care.  (GenCep)