Dr. Virginia Hernandez Santiago

Clinical Academic Fellow


Mackenzie Building
Kirsty Semple Way
Ninewells Hospital & Medical School

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+(44) 01382 383792

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Dr Santiago was awarded a Chief Scientist Office Clinical Academic Training Fellowship and she is currently doing a PhD in Medicine from April 2013 in the Division of Population Health Sciences. The title of the project is “A multilevel analysis of the impact of changes in antimicrobial prescribing on antimicrobial resistance”. She is also a local GP in NHS Tayside.

Prior to that, she was a NES GP Academic Fellow for two years, having qualified as a General Practitioner in Madrid, Spain, in 2010. Her research interests are in antimicrobial prescribing in Primary Care, with a special focus on antimicrobial misuse and its implications for resistance and adverse health outcomes (healthcare associated infections), and methods for improving the quality of antimicrobial prescribing and management of infectious diseases in the community. 



As main applicant (PI)

Hernandez Santiago V, Marwick CA, Davey PG, Guthrie B. A multilevel analysis of the impact of changes in antimicrobial prescribing on antimicrobial resistance. Chief Scientist Office, Clinical Academic Training Fellowship for Dr Hernandez Santiago. April 2013 to March 2017. £232,847

Virginia Hernandez Santiago, Charis Marwick, Bruce Guthrie, Peter Davey, Erwin Brown. Interventions for improving antimicrobial prescribing in the community: a systematic review. PROSPERO 2014:CRD42014010160 Available from


As Co-applicant

Effectiveness of the Multi-PAP intervention in young-old patients with multimorbidity and polypharmacy aimed at improving physician drug prescription in primary care: cluster RCT. Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (FIS). PI15/0072.

e-EDUCAGUIA: an intervention to implement adherence to clinical practice guidelines among Spanish GP trainees). Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (FIS). PI11/0047.

International collaborations

  • Prof Maria Isabel del Cura Gonzalez. Lead for multimorbidity Research, ISCIII, Spanish Ministry of Health. Primary Care Research and Teaching Lead, Health Technology Assessment Unit, Madrid Health Board.
    • e-Educaguia: development of an intervention to improve prescribing among Spanish GP trainees in 4 domains: antimicrobials, diabetes, depression / anxiety, and insomnia: multicentre cluster RCT.
    • Multi-PAP: intervention in young-old patients with multimorbidity and polypharmacy aimed at improving physician drug prescription in primary care: multicentre cluster RCT.
  • Infectious Diseases in Primary Care Research group. semFYC – Madrid. Spanish Society of General Practice. Lead: Dr Jose M Molero.


V. Hernandez Santiago (PI), B Guthrie, P G Davey, P Donnan, G Orange, H Steele. Quinolone exposure and its relation to quinolone resistance in Primary Care. Royal College of General Practitioners Scientific Foundation Board. March 2012 to September 2014. £10,942.

Tayside Insightful Practice Project (TIPP) – Development of Undergraduate Medical Education, measuring professionalism. Quality, Safety and Informatics group, Division of Clinical and Population Sciences & Education. University of Dundee, United Kingdom. Research assistant from April 2011-July 2012.



  • Isabel del Cura-González, Juan A. López-Rodríguez, TeresaSanz-Cuesta1, Ricardo Rodríguez-Barrientos,Jesús Martín-Fernández, Gloria Ariza-Cardiel, Elena Polentinos-Castro, Begoña Román-Crespo, Esperanza Escortell-Mayor, Milagros Rico-Blázquez, Virginia Hernández-Santiago, AND Educaguia Group. Effectiveness of a strategy that uses educational games to implement clinical practice guidelines among Spanish residents of family and community medicine (e-EDUCAGUIA project): a clinical trial by clusters. Implementation Science (2016) 11:71
  • Douglas Murphy, Patricia Aitchison , Virginia Hernandez Santiago , Peter Davey , Gary Mires and Dilip Nathwani. Insightful Practice: a robust measure of medical students’ professional response to feedback on their performance. BMC Medical Education (2015) 15:125 DOI 10.1186/s12909-015-0406-2
  • Virginia Hernandez-Santiago, Charis A Marwick, Andrea Patton,Peter G Davey, Peter T Donnan, Bruce Guthrie. Time series analysis of the impact of an intervention in Tayside, Scotland to reduce primary care broad-spectrum antimicrobial use. Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy 05/2015; DOI:10.1093/jac/dkv095
  • Daniel R Morales, Bruce Guthrie, Brian J Lipworth, Cathy Jackson, Peter T Donnan, Virginia H Santiago. NSAID exacerbated respiratory disease: a meta-analysis evaluating prevalence, mean provocative dose of aspirin and increased asthma morbidity. Allergy 04/2015; 70(7). DOI:10.1111/all.12629
  • Bruce Guthrie, Boikanyo Makubate, Virginia Hernandez-Santiago and Tobias Dreischulte. The rising tide of polypharmacy and drug-drug interactions: population database analysis 1995-2010. BMC Medicine 04/2015, 13:74  doi:10.1186/s12916-015-0322-7.
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  • Bruce Guthrie, Mary Duffy, Virginia Hernandez Santiago, Gillian Orange, Peter Davey. Trimethoprim prescription and subsequent resistance in childhood urinary infection: multilevel modelling analysis. BJGP 2013, 63(209): pp. e238-e243(6).
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  • Virginia Hernandez Santiago. Ser medico de familia en Escocia (Scottish General Practice). AMF 2013;9(7):412-414. Article in Spanish
  • Saldaña I, Hernandez V, Cubero P. Enfermedad de Chagas: abordaje de una afección emergente en nuestro medio (Chagas’ Disease: management of an emerging disease in our country).  FMC. 2009;16(2):68-76. Article in Spanish
  • Hernández V, Saldaña I. A propósito de un caso: enfermedad de Chagas, un nuevo reto para Atención Primaria (Case report: Chagas’ Disease, a new threat for General Practice). AMF 2009;5(4):218-226. Article in Spanish


She is involved in OSCE exams for 1st, 2nd and 4th year medical students.

She has been previously involved in portfolio reviews for Dundee medical students.


  • NADEGS Annual conference. Stirling, UK, January 2015.
  • North American Primary Care Research Group (NAPCRG) National Conference. New York, November 2014.
  • IV Iberoamerican Confederation of Family Medicine Subregional Conference – CIMF WONCA. Granada, Spain, June 2013.
  • WONCA Europe Conference, Wien (Austria) 5th -7th July 2012
  • International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare. Paris, April 2012.