Dr. Scott G Cunningham

Technical Consultant


Division of Molecular & Clinical Medicine
Clinical Technology Centre, Level 7
Ninewells Hospital, Dundee, DD1 9SY

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Dr Scott Cunningham is Technical Consultant at the University of Dundee and has more than fifteen years of experience in software architecture design, development and project management within healthcare. He is technical lead for NHS Scotland’s shared electronic record for diabetes: SCI Diabetes Collaboration (SCI-DC). This system has been hugely influential in the understanding of diabetes and received an award for “Excellence in Major Healthcare IT Development” at the eHealth Insider Awards in 2011.

Scott has an active research interest in the patient-focused aspects of health informatics and led the development of NHS Scotland’s patient website My Diabetes My Way: www.mydiabetesmyway.scot.nhs.uk. This award-winning website (“Award for Education and Self-management”, Diabetes UK Annual Professional Conference, 2015; “Best initiative supporting self-care”, Quality in Care Diabetes, 2013) allows patients across Scotland direct access to their diabetes record. Scott and his team have a track record of taking research development grants to the level of fully integrated national services.


Scott’s research interests include the novel use of computer systems to:

  • support direct patient care
  • assist patient self-management
  • analyse and interpret large population-based clinical datasets
  • support epidemiological research


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  • International Diabetes Federation Conference, Vancouver, Canada, December 2015
  • FARR Institute Conference, St Andrews, August 2015
  • Convergent Technologies Event, Clydebank, May 2015
  • United4Health project Assembly, Galicia, Spain, May 2015
  • Diabetes UK Annual Professional Conference, London, March 2015
  • eHealth Scotland 2015, Edinburgh, February 2015
  • Highland Diabetes MCN Symposium, November 2014
  • Tayside ‘Living with Diabetes’ Day, Perth, November 2014
  • Digital Health and Care Conference, Edinburgh, November 2014
  • British Computer Society Health Informatics Conference, Glasgow, September 2014







Scott has presented his work and represented his projects at numerous national and international Conferences. He has contributed to consultations on electronic personal health records co-ordinated by the Scottish Government and the Royal College of General Practitioners. Projects for which he is responsible have also led to numerous awards:

  • Award for Education and Self-management, Diabetes UK Professional Conference, March 2015
  • BMA Patient Information Awards – Commendation, September 2014
  • Best Online Stakeholder Site, Institute of Internal Communications, March 2014
  • Best Initiative Supporting Self Care, Quality in Care Diabetes, October 2013
  • NHS Tayside Quality Awards 2012 - Second Place, NHS Tayside, December 2012
  • Best NHS Scotland IT service delivery team, BCS Health Scotland, September 2012
  • Excellence in Major Healthcare IT Development, eHealth Insider Awards, October 2011
  • Patient and Public Involvement, Diabetes in Scotland Conference, March 2010