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Dr Craig Beall completed his degree in Pharmacology (BSc Hons) in 2003 before obtaining a Wellcome Trust Prize Studentship to undertake doctoral studies in the laboratory of Prof Mike Ashford, University of Dundee. Doctoral studies focused on mechanisms of glucose sensing in pancreatic beta cells and hypothalamic neurons, with a particular emphasis on AMP-activated protein kinase and ATP-sensitive K+ channels.

Following a year in at the University of Liverpool investigating the role of K+ channels in skeletal muscle insulin sensitivity, Dr Beall moved back to the University of Dundee to work with Professors Rory McCrimmon and Prof Ashford to focus on mechanisms of hypoglycaemia detection. Dr Beall was a recipient of a Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation postdoctoral fellowship (2010-2013) to develop and establish an in vitro model for investigating the mechanisms of hypothalamic glucose sensing.

Dr Beall is currently a Diabetes UK RD Lawrence Fellow investigating role of purinergic receptors in the regulation of hypoglycaemia detection in diabetes.

Honours, Awards and Training

  • College of Medicine Early Career Research Award (2014)
  • RD Lawrence Fellowship (2013-)
  • Innovators in Diabetes programme (DUK; 2013-)
  • Advanced training in Vascular Microsurgery (Columbia University, 2012)
  • JDRF Postdoctoral Fellowship (2010-2013)
  • George Lawrence Travel Grant (2012)
  • College of Medicine Staff Poster Prize (1st 2012)
  • College of Medicine Staff Poster Prize (1st 2011)


  • Diabetes UK, JDRF, Anonymous Trust, British Society for Neuroendocrinology
  • Society for Endocrinology, Tenovus Scotland


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Invited Public Lecture: “Understanding Hypoglycaemia”, JDRF Discovery Day, Edinburgh Zoo, May 2012

Invited Lecture: “The Role of AMPK in Neuronal Glucose Sensing: Training for the Brain”, University of Stirling, April 2012

Invited Public Lecture: “Understanding Hypoglycaemia”, JDRF/Diabetes Ireland Discovery Day, Portlaoise March 2012

Invited Public Lecture: “Type 1 Diabetes Research”; Bayer/JDRF, Glasgow, June 2011

Oral Presentation “The AMP-Activated Protein Kinase (AMPK)-Uncouling Protein 2 (UCP2) Pathway Controls Hypothalamic Glucosensing and Whole Body Glucose Counterregulation”; American Diabetes Association, June 2012

Oral Presentation “Delivery of a Constitutively-Active AMPK Virus To The VMH Amplifies The Counterregulatory Response to Hypoglycaemia”; American Diabetes Association, June 2011

Poster presentation “Hypothalamic Glucose-Excited Neurons Require 2AMPK for Glucose Sensing”; American Diabetes Association, Guided Audio Poster Tour, June 2011


Group Alumni

Ms Julia Vlachaki Walker (Research technician, Diabetes UK)

Ms Jennie Gabriel (Summer vacation studentship 2014, Society for Endocrinology, http://www.endocrinology.org/index.aspx)