Dr. Aileen Grant

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I am a health services researcher, primarily with experience in qualitative research methods. I have a BA (Hons) in Public Policy and Management (1998) from the Robert Gordon University, an MSc in Public Health and Health Services Research (2000) from the University of Aberdeen and a PhD titled ‘What influences prescribing in general practice; an ethnographic exploration’ (2010) from the University of Dundee.

 Since completing my MSc I have worked on prescribing or pharmacy related projects at the University of Aberdeen, the University of Dundee and in Australia, at the University of Technology Sydney and Monash University in Melbourne.  I was fortunate during a career break, globe-trotting, to be able use my skills to gain work and experience of another health care system.  Through these various research projects I developed a keen interest in prescribing quality improvement, organisational development and healthcare modernisation.


I am employed full-time on ‘Data-driven quality improvement in Primary Care’ (DQIP) as a qualitative researcher.  DQIP is a five year research programme funded by the CSO following the MRC framework for complex interventions.  The aim of DQIP is to develop and test an informatics based intervention to improve the quality and safety of high-risk prescribing.  As part of DQIP I am leading the process evaluation running parallel to the trial.

I am also part of the Scottish Health Research Register (SHARE) project team. SHARE is research register which aims to help with recruitment issues to research studies.  Patients consent to be contacted directly by registering minimum details on the SHARE website.  Sophisticated data-linkage allows data from a number of different health databases to be linked and only those patients eligible for studies to be contacted and asked to participate.  SHARE has successfully been piloted and is up and running.  Further funding is currently being sought for further development and roll out.


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Tobias Dreischulte, Aileen Grant, Colin McCowan, John McAnaw, Bruce Guthrie, Quality and safety of medication use in primary care: consensus validation of a new set of explicit medication assessment criteria and prioritisation topics for improvement. BMC Clinical Pharmacology 2012: 12; 5

Frank M Sullivan, Shaun Treweek, Aileen Grant, Fergus Daly, Donald Nicolson, Brian McKinstry, Janet Hanley, Jenny Ure, Aziz Sheikh: Improving recruitment to clinical trials with a register of a million patients who agree to the use of their clinical records for research in the Scottish Health Research Register (SHARE). Trials 2011: 12(Suppl 1):A115. doi:10.1186/1745-6215-12-S1-A115

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Undergraduate behavioural science.


Qualitative Health Research Conference 2011, presenting ‘What influences prescribing in Scottish general practice’.


Qualitative Health Research Conference 2011, presenting ‘Pilot prescribing quality improvement intervention (DQIP) and Normalisation Process Theory’.


Royal College of General Practitioners 2011, presenting ‘SHARE; Scottish Research Register, findings from the pilot study’


Medical Sociology Conference 2011, presenting ‘What influences prescribing in general practice; an ethnographic exploration’


Scottish School of Primary Care 2011, presenting ‘What influences prescribing in general practice; an ethnographic exploration’