Dr. Aileen Grant

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A mixed method  health services researcher, with most experience in qualitative research methods. Aileen has a BA (Hons) in Public Policy and Management (1998) from the Robert Gordon University, an MSc in Public Health and Health Services Research (2000) from the University of Aberdeen and a PhD titled ‘What influences prescribing in general practice; an ethnographic exploration’ (2010) from the University of Dundee.

Since completing her MSc Aileen has worked on quality and safety improvement projects at the University of Aberdeen, the University of Dundee and in Australia, at the University of Technology Sydney and Monash University in Melbourne. Aileen also contributes regularly to undergraduate and post graduate teaching. 


Currently, leading the qualitative pre-trial and mixed method parallel process evaluation of the Data driven quality improvement in Primary Care (DQIP) trial. This is a five year research programme funded by the CSO to improve the safety of GP prescribing.

Aileen’s main research interests are in developing projects which focus on organisational culture, professional behaviour change and health care users perspectives to improve the quality and safety of health care.


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Aileen leads a post-graduate research methods module and is deputy co-ordinator of undergraduate behavioural science teaching.