Professor Rami J Abboud

Head of Department of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery / Director of Institute of Motion Analysis and Research

Professor Annie S Anderson

Professor of Public Health Nutrition

Dr. Graham P Arnold

IMAR Technical Manager

Professor Michael L J Ashford

Head of Cardiovascular & Diabetes Medicine / Professor of Neuroscience

Mrs. Sumedha Asnani-Chetal

Infrastruture Administrator

Dr Alex Baldacchino

Clinical Senior Lecturer in Addiction Psychiatry

Professor David JK Balfour

Emeritus Professor of Behavioural Pharmacology

Professor Christopher Barratt

Professor of Reproductive Medicine

Professor Jill Belch, University of Dundee

Professor Jill J F Belch

NHS Tayside R&D Director

Dr. Samira Bell

Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer and Consultant Nephrologist

Dr. Jonathan N Berg

Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Clinical Genetics

Dr. Wilfred Bonney

Health Informatics Specialist

Dr. Jean-Christophe Bourdon

Senior Lecturer

Mr. Sydney Brand

Senior Clinical Skills Tutor

Mr. Massimo Brillante

Senior Software Engineer

Professor Sara Brown

Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow in Clinical Science, Professor of Molecular & Genetic Dermatology

Dr Amy Cameron

Dr. Amy R Cameron

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Ms. Anne Canny

PhD Fellowship

Dr. James D Chalmers

Discovery Fellow/Consultant

Dr Madawa Chandratilake

Part Time Tutor

Beverly Charnley

PA to Director

Dr. Anna Maria Choy

Senior Clinical Lecturer and Honorary Consultant Cardiologist

Mr. Paul Christie

SP Trainer

Dr. Ching-wa Chung

Clinical Teacher