Pre-Medical A104 Course

In addition to the standard 5 year MBChB Medical Course, Dundee offers a Pre-Medical Course. This science based course has two purposes and two respective entry routes.

  • For many years it has been used to widen access by permitting high performing students who have not taken two sciences (chemistry in particular) to prepare adequately for Dundee medical school.
  • From 2010 up to 6 places have been made available on this course for local applicants who have not achieved highly enough to gain entry to A100 (5 year course) and have verifiable evidence of significant educational disadvantage or personal adverse circumstances. We suggest you contact Admissions and Student Recruitment for guidance if you wish to apply by this route. Additional support mechanisms are in place for those joining this widening access course.

Satisfactory standards achieved in the Pre-Med course modules are required for entry to the standard 5-year Medical Course (MBChB) which starts in the following academic year. Those entering via route 1 are then guaranteed entry to A100, those via the 2nd route must also perform aequately in the Multiple Mini Interview. 

Pre-Medical course content

The Pre-Medical Year covers a combination of biology, chemistry and biophysics in 6 separate modules through the year. The modules are pre-selected by the university to cover all the necessary material to ensure the appropriate grounding in science is addressed and established for full understanding in the MBChB Course. Students join the Life Sciences Foundation Level 1 course, which is very much like doing A-Levels or Advanced Highers in each subject, taking lectures and practical’s with other first year life scientists. You may also note that the tuition fee for the Pre-Medical year (A104) is lower than the medical course (A100) and is perceived by the funding authorities as a medical studies year.