Respiratory Medicine and Lung Biology

Major respiratory research themes centre upon Asthma and Allergy (Lipworth, Anderson, Short), COPD (Lipworth, Schembri and Chalmers, Anderson, Short), Pulmonary inflammation (Chalmers, Mehta, Land), Respiratory Infections (Chalmers, Dr. Tom Fardon) and pulmonary aspects of rare genetic disease and fetal lung development (Land, Mehta). Our work seeks to address clinical problems at both the early (discovery) and late (clinical efficacy) translational gaps, combining classical laboratory-based approaches with genetic, epidemiological and clinical studies to understand pulmonary disease mechanisms and identify novel therapeutic approaches. 

Current clinical and translational studies cover areas such as  community-acquired pneumonia, bronchiectasis and COPD  (e.g. the EXODUS study) and include administration of the European Bronchiectasis Register. Research at Dundee also led to the development of the EuroCareCF database which is regarded as the paradigm for international rare disease registries. Our research is supported by the MRC, Wellcome Trust, Chief Scientist Office (CSO) as well as several national charities.