LiP Points & TIPP

Lapse in Professionalism (LiP) Points

Although the School of Medicine takes a holistic view of each student’s professionalism/fitness to practise prior to graduation, until now, there has not been a clear recording and monitoring system to support the identification of the student who demonstrates a ‘lack of professionalism,’ and the relevant action which is required.

Therefore a system which records penalty points, when there is a lapse in professionalism, has been implemented within the Medical School since September 2012. Penalty points issued will be recorded centrally and details of lapses retained by the discipline involved. Students who accumulate 3 LiP points will be referred to TiPP and phase convenors will also be notified. Students who have accumulated six points will be referred to the appropriate Phase Convenor and from that point closely monitored by the MSUO.  Reports on penalty points issued will be considered, along with continuous assessment results, by the Student Support and Progress Committee. Major concerns will be considered as per the Medical School Fitness to Practise Procedure.

Further details of the process and points tariff can be found here


  • Students along with staff should be familiar with the process outlined below:
  • When a concern is raised, the staff member e.g. Clinician, Allied Health Professional must discuss the concern with the student prior to completion of the Lapse in Professionalism (LiP) form. Students will normally be advised of the details of a lapse as soon as possible, either at the end of the teaching session, clinic, ward etc, by way of an email stating the lapse in professionalism that has occurred or by post in the case of absence.
  • Following the Points Tariff , an electronic LiP form found here  is completed by the staff member. The staff member must record the action taken on the LiP form and advise the student that a copy will go in the student’s file. Students who have accumulated 3 points are referred to TIPP and those with 6 points will be referred to the appropriate Phase Convenor.
    NB** When a concern is deemed to be major staff must follow the Fitness to Practise Procedure which can be found online at DundeeMBChB Policies and Regulations section
  • Once the staff member has submitted the online form, the School Administrator awards the points as per the points tariff criteria with senior academic advice where required. The student is notified by email of the number of points as soon as possible or by end of teaching or clinical block.
  • The student has the right to appeal 10 days prior to the School’s Support and Progress Committee meeting. In particular, when a student has mitigating circumstances.

Tayside Insightful Practice Portfolio (TIPP)  

The purpose of TIPP is to help you make best use of the feedback you receive to  continually improve the clinical effectiveness, safety and person-centeredness of patient care. To maximise quality improvement we should, of course, continue to self-assess our educational and professional needs. The TIPP website offers resources to help us engage with, show insight into and react appropriately to our feedback.  If you would like more information please consult our information booklet outlining the process, go to the TIPP website or contact Selene Ross.