International Students

Dundee Medical School offers many advantages to overseas students. At Dundee Medical School our commitment to diversity includes working with the most distinguished faculty and students from around the world. We have students from a wide range of countries; East Asia including China, Japan, Brunei, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, the Indian sub-continent, Pakistan, Arab states and Africa plus the USA and Canada. Our academic staff mirrors that range of countries and we encourage partnership and exchange in many parts of the world. We are a community of scholars and students who believe and invest in people and the diverse talents, insights and experiences they introduce to the intellectual and social enterprise of the institution.

The University of Dundee Medical School is ranked as one of the top schools in the UK and this is largely down to our innovative approach to medical training. Dundee is highly regarded throughout the world as a centre of excellence for scientific and medical research. This means that you will be trained by world-leaders in basic science and medical practice.

As well as an excellent medical education, coming to Dundee has many other benefits. Dundee is a small city that is easy to get around by bus, bicycle or even on foot. Step outside Dundee and you will experience some of the best scenery in the world. Dundee has a vibrant student community and there are always plenty of sporting and other activities taking place.

As a graduate of medicine from Dundee you will have a sound basis to develop your future career. Dundee graduates are highly regarded as skilled medical practitioners who have the reputation of being well prepared for their foundation training.

This website is to help prepare you for your studies at Dundee but also to help you settle into life in a new country. The links on the right will allow you to explore the University of Dundee as well as the City of Dundee and beyond. We hope this shows you what we have to offer but if you cannot find the answer to your question please do not hesitate to contact us.