GoSHARE Spare Blood Project

The Blood Sciences Laboratory and Ninewells Hospital receive over 7,000 samples daily from GPs and Hospital clinics from all over the Tayside region. These samples are routinely discarded after the necessary tests are performed. In Tayside we are seeking pre-consent from the local population for the storage and analysis of any of this blood that is left over after tests have been completed. Whereas before, it took 2 days to analyse and get the results to the GPs, we now have a new sophisticated system in place and each sample is analysed in a few hours with the results being available much sooner than before.

With the unique collaboration between NHS Tayside, University of Dundee and the IT departments of both organisations, we are able to work on many different projects. What this means is that in TAYSIDE we will be able to lead the way on major research projects.

So what happens to the left over blood sample?

The samples of blood will be sent to the Tayside Bioresource and here DNA will be produced. The samples will be anonymised and will not have any identifiable information on them. At no time will the DNA be linked to any named individual. The differences/ similarities between the strands of DNA are examined as part of research projects in particular disease areas and it is hoped that this will lead to important information about disease processes and also help us to direct the production of future treatments.

We are currently asking the whole of the Tayside Population for permission to use their spare blood. It is clear that if everyone consented we would get three quarters of all the blood samples within 3 years.

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