AMEE webinar on Social media in medical education: The dark and the bright side (Free to all AMEE Members)

Dr Natalie Lafferty: University of Dundee
Wednesday, 18 April, 2018 - 14:00
Webinar will be streamed in Library Teaching Room 7, level 7, Ninewells

Webinar presented by: Dr Natalie Lafferty: University of Dundee                                                

Social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogs have become ubiquitous in individuals’ personal lives, transforming how we communicate, access, consume, share and create online information.  Increasingly these tools are being adopted professionally and for many involved in medical education their use has become a part of daily practice.  Whilst advocates of social media embrace the opportunities provided to support their roles as a teacher, scholar and learner, many others are extremely cautious about their use. Others have attempted to use tools such as Twitter and following poor experiences become highly sceptical.

This webinar will explore both the bright and dark sides of using social media in medical education.  By encouraging educators to look beyond social media as just a tool it aims to encourage a critically reflective approach to their use in medical education.  Consideration will be given to some of the darker issues around privacy, data and the shelf-life of tools together with the common concern around digital professionalism. By going on to considering the educational contexts and role modelling, examples of the bright side of social media will highlight how they can effectively be used to support open cultures of learning and digital scholarship in an increasingly networked world.    

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