Grand Rounds - Making a Difference: Impact of Research from the School of Medicine

Professor Chim Lang
University of Dundee
Thursday, 3 May, 2018 - 13:00
Gannochy Trust Lecture Theatre, Level 7, Ninewells


Professor CC Lang

Division of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, Ninewells Hospital, University of Dundee, DD1 9SY

Despite the tremendous resources invested in cardiovascular (CV) drugs, CV diseases remain the major cause of deaths and hospitalization worldwide. Drug development is an expensive and time-consuming process with a success approval rate of only less than 5%. This emphasizes the need for an alternative drug development strategy. “Repurposing” existing drugs is one such alternative that is currently being explored. In this presentation, we wish to share our program of research that has helped change clinical practice guidelines to recommend the use of previously contraindicated drugs  to improve outcomes in patients with cardiovascular diseases. Investigating the use of renin angiotensin system (RAS) blockers, our research has shown that these classes of drugs can be used to treat hypertension in patients with aortic stenosis and to alleviate symptoms in patients with aortic regurgitation. Our research has shown the safe and important use of metformin in patients with diabetes mellitus and heart failure. The global impact of our research is reflected in international clinical practice guidelines and statements


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