(Regular PHS Seminar) BMSc in Healthcare Improvement 2017-18: Poster Presentations

Organising Department: 
Division of Population Health Sciences
University of Dundee
Tuesday, 13 March, 2018 - 13:00
CTA, Mackenzie Building

The format for the meeting will be two parallel poster walk rounds led by Bruce Guthrie and Charis Marwick. The walk rounds will each include five posters and last 30 minutes, leaving time for general discussion with the students


1.      Aaron Duff              Understanding behaviours required to initiate antibiotics in the Emergency Department for sepsis within 1hr

2.      Anna-Maria Czesak A systems approach to technology acceptance in paediatric diabetic self-management; a case of My Diabetes My Way.

3.      Anya Toleman        An investigation into physician-child interaction in the context of paediatric diabetes outpatient clinics

4.      Caitlin Elliot            A Systems Engineering Approach to the Evaluation of the Experience of Staff and Parents on the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. 

5.      Caitlin Finnan         A Human Factors Approach to the Transition Processes from Paediatric to Teenage Services for Type 1 Diabetes

6.      Callum Friel            A Mixed Methods Systems Approach to the Implementation of Narcotrend Depth of Anaesthesia Monitoring to Anaesthetic Practice in a Scottish Hospital

7.      Erin Timmoney       A Mixed Methods Study of the Appropriateness of Referrals and Quality of Referral Letters to the Pain Clinic from Primary and Secondary Care

8.      Linsey Paterson      Understanding the positive medical practitioner behaviours required to review IV antibiotic treatment in a hospital setting

9.      Priya Gill                 A systems approach to the implementation of high volume cataract surgery

10.   Rachael Logan          Care bundles for Acute Kidney Injury: Do they work in practice?


School of Medicine
Medical Research Institute
Division of Population Health Sciences