Principal Investigators

Professor Michael L J Ashford

Head of Molecular & Clinical Medicine Division/Professor of Neuroscience

Professor Jill Belch, University of Dundee

Professor Jill J F Belch

Professor of Vascular Medicine

Dr. James D Chalmers

Discovery Fellow/Consultant

Professor John F Dillon

Professor of Hepatology and Gastroenterology

Dr. William Fuller

Senior Lecturer

Dr. Jacob George

R&D Director, NHS Tayside

Dr Priya George

Dr. Priya S George

Clinical Lecturer (SCREDS)/Hon Specialty Registrar in Diabetes and Endocrinology

Dr. Li Kang

Discovery Fellow

Professor Chim C Lang

Deputy Head of Molecular & Clinical Medicine Division, Professor of Cardiology

Professor Brian J Lipworth

Professor (Clinical)

Professor Thomas M MacDonald

Professor of Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacoepidemiology

Dr. Isla S MacKenzie

Clinical Reader in Clinical Pharmacology & Honorary Consultant Physician

Professor Rory McCrimmon

Professor Rory McCrimmon

Professor of Experimental Diabetes and Metabolism, Associate Dean of Research (School of Medicine), Deputy Head of Molecular & Clinical Medicine Division

Dr. Paul Newey

Senior Lecturer in Endocrinology

Professor Colin Palmer

Chair of Pharmacogenomics

Professor Ewan Pearson

Professor of Diabetic Medicine / Head of Clinical Translational Science / Director Dundee Clinical Academic Track

Professor Allan D Struthers

Head of Molecular & Clinical Medicine Division

Dr. Jonathan R Weir-McCall

Clinical Lecturer (SCREDS)

Dr. Miles D Witham

Clinical Reader in Ageing and Health

Dr Kaixin Zhou

Dr. Kaixin Zhou

Lecturer in Pharmacogenomics