Disease Prevention

Lead Dr Fiona Williams

 A unique mix of researchers from a wide range of disciplines forms the Disease Prevention Group within Population Health Sciences.  The Group’s work spans early disease detection, individual health behaviour modification, and policy relevant environmental changes.

 The overarching aim of the Disease Prevention Group is focused on primary and secondary preventative strategies which aim to reduce the burden of disease or to improve health status and well-being through implementation of disease/condition strategies at individual, community and population levels.  The Group’s research believes that disease prevention is best achieved through collaboration between scientists, clinicians, health professionals and key stakeholders (private, public and third sector agencies) working with communities and patients.  The Group has extensive collaborations within the College of Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing, and the wider University.  All research leads have established national and international research collaborations.  Disease Prevention embodies the University’s philosophy of focus, impact and excellence.  

The key strategic objectives of the Disease Prevention Group are to:

  • catalyse the translation of research into advances in clinical and public health practice, and to contribute to the development of effective policies for good health
  • focus research in important areas of primary or secondary prevention which can offer demonstrable benefit to the target populations 
  • develop the methodologies that underpin the Group’s research portfolio, with a focus on randomised controlled trials
  • foster collaborative research within the Group

 The portfolio of research undertaken by the Disease Prevention Group is aligned to local, national and international health priorities.  The strategic focus is on disease prevention, and the Group has programmes of work in:

 The separate centres of expertise have enabled disciplinary reputation to be developed, and the Group’s strategy is to move towards combining expertise to create synergy.  For example Public Health Nutrition Research is now closely aligned with colorectal cancer screening and forms the Centre for Research into Cancer Prevention and Screening.