Department of Otolaryngology

The unit provides a full range of clinical otolaryngology services to the population of Tayside (City of Dundee, Angus, Perthshire and Kinross) and North-east Fife. The catchment area encompasses approximately 751,000 people. The services are based at Ninewells Hospital & Medical School and includes 36 in-patient beds, twin operating theatres, out-patient clinics and audiology facilities on the Ninewells site. In-patient facilities are based in Ward 26 in the West Block of the hospital, with theatres next door.

The department also offers additional out-patients clinics in Perth Royal Infirmary, Stracathro Hospital and St. Andrews Community Hospital. All clinics are fully equipped with the necessary endoscopes, microscopes and audiology services to provide a full ENT service.

The main Audiology department is now based in King's Cross Hospital in Dundee. Some ENT clinics also take place there.

Medical Students

The main source of information for medical students in the ENT department is the Dundee Ear Nose and Throat medblog at Please follow the link to the blog for further information relevant to undergraduate teaching. Updates to ENT block timetables and information about changes to sessions will all be found via the blog.

Teaching Material

The study guide and all related teaching material for the SiP and PiP blocks are also available on the medblog. Any materials hosted elsewhere, such as on Blackboard, may be out of date. Please refer to the blog for the latest versions of all course material.

Departmental Postgraduate Teaching Timetable:

 All meetings in the Ward 26 Demo Room starting at 2 p.m. unless otherwise stated.

Postgraduate Teaching Timetable 
29.5.2015 Dizziness and ENT P. Spielmann
22.5.2015 Improvements in Postgraduate Teaching at Ninewells -  Dr K. Haddow
15.5.2015 ARCPs
8.5.2015 ENT Scotland Summer Meeting, Dunblane
1.5.2015 TBC (Child Protection?)
24.4.2015 Head and Neck Oncology Update - Mr Manick, Dr Oparka
17.4.2015 CLINICAL GOVERNANCE - Chair: S. Majumdar
Mastoid imaging - Irfan Khan
Speech Valve Care - Sally Milne
3.4.2015 Good Friday
27.3.2015 Registrar Training Day in PRI
20.3.2015 Consent Seminar from 1.15 p.m. in Gannochy Trust Lecture Theatre
13.3.2015 Cancelled due to FRCS Course
6.3.2015 ENT HOT TOPICS: An Update Leanne Hamilton
27.2.2015 Tayside / Fife Network Meeting
20.2.2015 Balance and Vertigo: from the ENT Perspective - Patrick Spielmann
13.2.2015 Clinical Governance
6.2.2015 Oral Pathology - Peter McAllister
30.1.2015 TBC
23.1.2015 Paediatric Airway Management - Sam Majumdar
16.1.2015 Recognising and Managing ENT Emergencies - Leanne Hamilton
9.1.2015 Thyroid Cancer - Siew Keh
2.1.2015 New Year Holiday
26.12.2014 BOXING DAY
12.12.2014 CLINICAL GOVERNANCE:  S.Majumdar                        


NHS TAYSIDE H& N MEETING:(Education Room - Ward 32)


BASIC LIFE SUPPORT REFRESHER: Ian MacDougall (6 candidates)


07.11.2014 BRONCHOSCOPY (Paediatric):  S. Majumdar

UPDATE in HPV and HEAD and NECK CANCER (TBC): R.Mountain/R,Oparka(TBC)


BASIC LIFE SUPPORT REFRESHER:  Ian MacDougall  (6 candidates)

ACUTE EAR& ACUTE THROAT:  Rujuta Roplekar & Rohit Gohil



UPDATE on MANAGEMENT of RHINOSINUSITIS:  R.Mountain/R.Oparka+ R. Roplekar




03.10.2014 LASER SAFETY UPDATE: Shellagh Milligan    (ENT Meeeting Room



19.09.2104 SMOKING CESSATION:  Audrey MacKenzie
05.09.2014 CLINICAL EFFECTIVENESS DAY: S. Majumdar (Flexible Teaching Area)
27.06.2014 K Haddow - Improving postgraduate teaching and training @ NWH, Dundee

R Steven - Caustic ingestion management

A Ford - Facial Musculature  

30th May, 2014 

Robert Rea - An introduction to Scottish Health Innovations (SHIL)

Q Gardiner - An update on Immunotherapy

C Kennedy - Laser use in ENT

23rd May, 2014

A Mheta - Making a test tube upper airway epithelium from ENT biopsies 40 days and 40 nights.

A Hussain (How I Do It series)

Trans Nasal injection of Botox to larynx.

Trans -oral resection of large PPS tumours.

Transnasal Endoscopic Transsphenoidal Approach to Anterior and Central Skull Base.

Selective lateral laser thyroarytenoid myotomy for adductor spasmodic dysphonia.

Modified Midfacial Translocation (MMFT) for access to the Ventral Skull Base Tumour.

16th May, 2014

M Shakeel S Majumdar Integrated Care Pathway - Pre Launch departmental Roll Out

9th May, 2014 ENT Scotland Meeting
2nd April, 2014

P Spielmann - How to assess a dizzy patient?

Dealing with SSCD syndrome

An introduction to the hearing test

25th April, 2014

O Hilmi - Neuroplasticity and the ENT Surgeon

O Hilmi - Decision making in advanced thyroid cancer

S Keh - Management of olfactory disorders

18th April, 2014 S Majumdar - Clinical effectiveness half day
11th April, 2014

A Ford - Grafts in the head and Neck

R Roplekar - Biofilms in the ear, nose and throat

4th April, 2014

J Curran                     Transplantation in ENT

A Ford/S Keh/R Roplekar/C Kennedy      Induction for  FY doctors 

28th March, 2014

K Ah-See - An update on laryngeal cancer management.

K Ah-See - An update on globus pharyngeus (FOSIT) management

M Shakeel - Isshiki Thyroplasty - Surgical Steps

21st March, 2014 Clinical Effectiveness half day in Anaesthetic department
14th March, 2014

S. Derby - Steroid use in ENT patients.

R. Steven - Angiodema management.

7th March, 2014

M Shakeel S Majumdar Intergrated Care Pathway - Pre-launch departmental roll out for discussion and feedback

28th February, 2014

Julie Ellis / Sally Milne

Speech and swallowing for H&N cancer patients

Speech rehabilitation in laryngectomy patients

Speaking valve - Orientation Workshop /Emergency Care

Voice therapy for benign laryngeal pathologies.

21st February, 2014

C Brewis - Vestibular Migraine, Mastoid Cavity obliteration

M Shakeel - Eustachian tube dysfunction

14th February, 2014 SPR study day Perth
7th February, 2014

G. Sharpe  Assessment for DCR in adults/Emergency DCR

M. Shakeel  Endoscopic DCR - Surgical steps

S. Mckie  Literature review on DCR

P.White Management of congenital nasolacrimal duct obstruction in children

31st January, 2014 S Handy- Testing for aeroallergens/skin prick test workshop, P Ross-Efficient utilization of skin prick testing clinic. M Shakeel - Prevalence of Aeroallergens in Tayside
24th January, 2014 R Mountain - Salivary gland pathologies, C MCullough Steroid use in ENT patients
17th January, 2013 J Brunton - Frontal sinus radiology, R Steven Angiodema management 
10th January, 2014 J Angus - Pain management in surgical patients, C Kennedy Wegener`s -granulomatosis ENT manifestations
03rd January, 2014

R Roplekar - Benign laryngeal pathologies,  K Carrol- Burning mouth syndrome

29th November, 2013 ENT Scotland Meeting,Sterling
22nd November, 2013
ENT Clinical Effectiveness - Sam Majumdar
Head & Neck Meeting
15th November, 2013
Salivary Gland Diseases - Rodney Mountain
iPad in ENT - S MacPherson
8th November, 2013
Drooling Child, Atypical TB and Airway assessment - Haytham Kubba
Midline nasal swellings - Muhammad Shakeel
1st November, 2013 Joint Meeting with Aberdeen Royal Infirmary in Stracathro
25th October, 2013
Hyponatraemia - Darren
End of life care in ENT - Gaj
18th October, 2013 GP Referral Triage - Peter Ross
11th October, 2013 SpR Study Day, Perth Royal Infirmary
4th October, 2013
Psychological assessment of patients for aesthetic facial surgery - S Moulton
Rhinoplasty – assessment and management - Siew Keh
27th September, 2013
Salivary gland diseases - Rodney Mountain
Management of stridor in children - Ceilidh Kennedy
20th September, 2013 Head & Neck Meeting, Ward 32
13th September, 2013
Multidisciplinary team management of syndromic children - Ann MacKinnon
An evidence based management of paediatric OSA - Richard Steven
6th September, 2013 SpR Study Day - Teaching Cancelled
5th July, 2013 Start of Summer Break

Departmental Staff

Department of Otolaryngology - Consultant Medical Staff

Gardiner Quentin Consultant ENT
Haddow Kerry Consultant ENT
Hussain S.S. Musheer Consultant ENT
Jones Stephen Consultant ENT
Kennedy Ceilidh Consultant ENT
Majumdar Sam Consultant ENT
Manickavasgam Jai Consultant ENT
Mountain Rodney Consultant ENT
Ross Peter Consultant ENT
Spielmann Patrick Consultant ENT
White Paul Consultant ENT

Department of Otolaryngology - Junior Medical Staff

Gohil Rohit Specialty Registrar ENT
Hamilton Leanne Specialty Registrar ENT
Keh Siew Specialty Registrar ENT
Kennedy Celidh Specialist Registrar ENT
McAllister Peter CT2 ENT
Roplekar Rujuta Specialty Registrar ENT
Steven Richard Specialty Registrar ENT

Department of Otolaryngology - Nursing Staff

Park Jane Senior Charge Nurse Ward 26  
Guild Nicki Senior Charge Nurse West Block Theatres  
Strachan Angela Senior charge Nurse Clinic area 4  

Department of Otolaryngology - University Staff 

Jones Stephen Consultant ENT  
Fullerton Linda University Secretary University of Dundee 7783562

Department of Otolaryngology - Non-Clinical Staff

Drysdale Sandra Ward Clerkess ENT 33359
Vannet Louise Secretary to Mr. Jones and Prof. Hussain ENT 32724
Greenhowe Isobel Secretary to Mr. Gardiner, Dr. Haddow and Mr. Ross ENT 36572
Kelly Pauline Secretary to Mr. Gardiner, Dr. Haddow and Mr. Ross ENT 32726
Lawrence Sharron Administrative Assistant ENT 33889
Secretary to Mr. Mountain and Mr Manickavasagam
Warden Anne Clerical Officer ENT 36571
Morton Linda Secretary to Mr. White & Mr. Majumdar ENT 36571
Reilly Lesley Secretary to Prof. Hussain & Mr. Jones ENT 32726
Jamieson Michelle Waiting List Secretary ENT 33564
Tyrie Patricia Administration Services Manager Specialist Services 32747