Core Support Team

The Core Group within Medical Student Support are a team of interested and we hope approachable tutors, teachers and admin staff within the facility who are willing to help students with problems and barriers to their education. The team is led by Dr Rob Jarvis, the Academic Mentor.

Members of the Core Group would like to see individual students with academic or personal issues. They also organise small group sessions for students who have yet to master certain elements of the curriculum for whatever reason. 

There will also be a Core Support Surgery  running every Tuesday between 1pm and 4pm. Rob will be present at each of these sessions giving students the opportunity to  speak to someone face to face if required. To book a session in the Core Support Surgery please email Stuart Manson  or Dr Jarvis with a preferred time between 1pm and 4pm. If these times do not suit, the team are more than happy to make other arrangements for meetings out with the Core Support surgery, simply email Claire or Rob.

Student Support Services Drop-in sessions

Various students services run drop-in sessions in the medical school. These include counselling, careers and enquiry team. Sessions run on a Wednesday and Friday lunchtimes and further information can be found at the MSUO who can also help with appointments.


Raising Concerns

It is important that students know how to raise their concerns if they see or experience something that worries them. So what should you do if you see a member of staff or another student acting in an unprofessional manner? What should you do if you see a member of staff abusing a patient? What should you do if you think you are being discriminated against because of your race, sex or sexual orientation?

An online tool has been developed for you to raise your concern and more information on the process can be found on medblogs here.


The Core Group


Dr Rob Jarvis
Academic Mentor

Dr Richard Day
PiP Convenor


Dr Ellie Hothersall
SiP Convenor

Dr Mhairi Hepburn

Specialist Registrar
Old Age Psychiatry

Dr Audrey Morrison

Consultant Psychiatrist
Adult Mental Illness

Mr Stuart Manson, School of Medicine


Stuart Manson

Student Support Administrator