Admissions Policy and Application Process

All applications must be made through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). Details of entry requirements are reviewed each year and published in the University Prospectus and online. If you have qualifications not listed please contact Admissions and Student Recruitment for guidance All applicants must sit the UKCAT test and those without it, or without our minimum academic requirements will not be considered further. Our criteria for judging applications are available from the Admissions Website but please note that an interview is required before an offer can be made, even for overseas applicants, and late applications cannot be accepted.

Offer decision

Applicants are invited to interview on the basis of the academic achievements (achieved or predicted) and UKCAT score.  Offer decisions are then based upon the Multiple Mini Interview at which your UCAS statement will also be discussed in some detail. A special circumstances committee is convened if required to make final decisions regarding applications that may be controversial because of health, disability, criminal convictions or other reasons.  This committee will include relevant representation from the Medical School (Dean or Teaching Dean), OHSAS, Medical School Registrar (Disability Support Officer), Postgraduate Deanery and Admissions Committee. 

Applicants with Disabilities or Health problems

The University of Dundee Medical School welcomes applications from people with disabilities. We seek to balance the requirements of both Disability and Fitness to Practise legislation in this regard. The existing policy for processing applications from people with disabilities is provided in the relevant section of the University admissions web site. We strongly encourage you to raise any concerns with us in good time to allow a considered assessment, including identification of reasonable adjustments, to be made. This is done by local NHS occupational medicine specialists and University Disability Services in parallel with, and separate from, the academic part of the admissions decision. More information.